Newspaper 1-2/Visual Journalism

Real journalism for a specific audience

There is no such thing as a “student journalist.” Instead, my students are real journalists who cater to a specific audience, an audience that no one else reaches in quite the same way. My students are still learning, of course, but everything they do should be as professional as what any “real-world” journalistic staff would do. My job is to provide them with the tools, skills and opportunities necessary to accomplish that goal. It is heartening to hear from outside sources (interviewees, advertisers, etc.) who say that the experiences they have with journalists from Carmel High School are as professional, if not more so, than their experiences with other “adult” journalists.

Students who enroll in either of these courses receive intensive instruction in advanced journalism skills in the following areas:

  • news gathering
  • reporting and writing news stories and other journalistic genres
  • the legal and social responsibilities of publications
  • the ethics of fair and accurate reporting
  • photojournalism
  • graphic design

Students improve their writing abilities and learn skills necessary to make the transition from middle school to high school publications. Additionally, they will assist in writing stories and designing pages for publication in the student newspaper and website. These courses both serve as a prerequisite for enrollment in HiLite newspaper.

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