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Journalistic writing can take on several forms. On this page, you’ll find links to helpful material for the two most prevalent news writing styles – inverted pyramid and narrative.

This is a brief description of both types:

Inverted pyramid
Generally a more “formulaic” style of news writing that places the most newsworthy information – the who, what, when and where – in the lead (beginning) of the story and the least important information at the end.

A type of journalistic writing that follows more of a “literary” organizational structure. Narratives generally begin with an anecdotal lead that introduces the main “face” in the story followed by a nut graf, a paragraph that outlines the main angle of the story (what the reporter wants readers to think about).

Helpful links:
“Gold Coins” — PowerPoint
Lead writing 101
“Lead Writing” — PowerPoint
Narrative organizational structure: Gold coins
Writing for Web
Facebook article (for editing practice)

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